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What is LuV.Revolution?

LuV.Revolution is ACE Entertainment’s very first mobile game project. As ACE Entertainment aims to make ACE Coin a Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin, LuV.Revolution will include ACE Coin as one of it’s payment options. This expands the usage of ACE Coin as well as give more benefits to the members of the ACE Ecosystem.

When LuV.Revolution ACE launches, all ACE holders will be able to have exclusive access to more exciting features in the game.

About the game

LuV.Revolution is a dating simulation game that can be access anywhere, anytime with your smart phone. Real models such as Japan’s Moeka and Tunamayo, and Korea’s very own Jang Yeobin and Kwon Hyukjeong as well as the irresistible Celine Farach, will take you to unforgettable dates.

Experience and build life-like relationships through video calls and text messages. And these girls do make your heart flutter.

With VR goggles, this game does make you feel like you are experiencing a date in real life. As you watch the girl of your dreams tell you about her day, ask for your opinion. And maybe sometimes she might even sulk because you are no paying enough attention.

And if your relationship goes well, you’ll know how you’re doing as the story progresses.

To gain better standing in the relationship or more affection from your dream girl, dress up and improve your appearance using the items in your closet.

And if you ever need a break, play any casual game available in LuV.Revolution. One of the most popular and stress relieving games is LuV.Revolution’s whack-a-mole with your dream girl cheering you on.

The developer of this game, Oasis VR, knows how to pull your heartstrings and make you fall in love over and over again.

This game can definitely cheer you up in these times where you are stuck at home.

and meet the girl of your dreams!

LuV.Revolution is still in it’s beta test version and more characters will be added through crowd funding!

LuV.Revolution ACE will be released soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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