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We have exciting news for Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin ACE!

It is now becoming widely known that ACE is an EOS-based utility token that can be directly used across the various entertainment businesses conducted by ACE Entertainment and its Alliance, or to share the business profits of the entertainment business.

Ace Coin has many areas of use including games, e-sports, video streaming, mind sports pub, POS-system enabled locations, and online stores!

Today we are very proud to introduce the Mind Sports Pub.

What is the MIND SPORTS PUB?

Have you all ever heard of Texas Hold’em?

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games in the world, where the player takes 2 cards and combines them with 5 shared cards to determine the victor.

Texas Hold’em is a game of probability that calculates odds based on the cards in your hand, and at the same time, you must weigh your chances by judging your opponent’s situation, even facial expressions and actions. It is a true mind sport.

Professional pro gamers such as Yo-hwan Lim, Jin-ho Hong, and Gap-yong Kim are able to continue their career as professional poker players after retiring from professional e-sports, using skills sharpened in the gaming world and applying them to competitive Texas Hold’em.

When will ACE PUB open?

ACE PUB will have its long-awaited grand opening at 7 pm on 30 June, 2020 !

Visit ACE Pub, the first offline location to use Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin ACE, and enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment of ACE.

Introducing Sarah, the Game Manager of ACE PUB!

And that’s not all…

Use ACE and enjoy high-quality, high-definition gravia video service

ACE GRAVIA  is in preparation.

ACE GRAVIA, following the opening of ACE’s first offline location, is the first premium video service that can be paid for with cryptocurrency!

​Stay tuned because it’s coming soon….

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