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“There aren’t any games like this so far!
Is this a dating simulation or a dating app?”

Kirara Asuka

In December 2007, a beautiful and talented actor took the world by storm.

With both acting skill and a glamorous body that is unbelievable for Asians, she is a legendary actor who retired in February 2020. Her name is Kirara Asuka.


Here is another stunning beauty.

Her videos have become so popular that fans take pilgrimages to filming locations. She earned fame worldwide and even played a role in a box office movie, leading the life of a true star. She is another legendary actress and she suddenly left the limelight after filming only eight movies.

Her name is ‘Tunamayo’.

Is there a game where you can experience a date with legendary actresses?

Yes, there is. Enter ‘Love Revolution.’

Love Revolution is a mobile-based love simulator. In Love Revolution, you can have the dates of your dreams with stars such as Tsunamayo and Asuka Kirara, as well as lovely beauties including Kwon Hyuk-jeong and Jang Yeo-bin!

You can go out with all of these gorgeous women!

Have a date that is more real and more affectionate than with a real girlfriend.

In Love Revolution, you can choose the woman you want to date and enjoy your love story.

“It’s incredible. I can actually enjoy the feeling of dating all these wonderful women!!!”

Experience interactive game play with 360-degree video unlike anything seen before in any dating simulation game or platform.

Your dating partner will send you messages and make video calls.

“For real? Hyuk-Jeong will make video calls directly to me? “

Yes, it’s real. A real call is coming, so be ready! You want to show your best self to your beautiful girlfriend.

Love Revolution is a love simulation game where players interactions make relationships with characters. It uses as voice recognition, motion play, chat, video calls, and social media to make an immersive experience.

Spectacular dates await, such as visiting date spots, shopping and drinking tea, and going on vacations together.

With ACE, Love Revolution Gets Even Better.”

That’s not all.

In Love Revolution for ACE, you can enjoy even more hot dating with new ACE Girls who didn’t come out in the original Love Revolution.

Who’s NEXT ?

Additional updates for Love Revolution for ACE’s top class ACE Girls are coming soon!

Stay tuned, and stay excited!

ACE Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin is an EOS-based utility token that is used directly in the entertainment business conducted by ACE Alliance, which composed of ACE Entertainment LLC and affiliated partners, or as a token to share the profits of the business activities.


ACE holders contribute to the decision-making and healthy growth of the ACE ecosystem by participating as a member of the ACE token economy system, and in exchange for this, they share the profits of the growth of the ecosystem.

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