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We will guide you on how to purchase the Hyper-Connected Entertainment Coin ACE.

What is ACE Coin and why should we buy it?

ACE is a Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin, an EOS-based utility token that is used directly in the entertainment business carried out by ACE Entertainment LLC and its ACE Alliance partners  or as a token to share the profits of business activities.

“So it can be used in the entertainment industry or for profit sharing.
What does that have to do with me?”

First, ACE is already usable for mobile games such as Love Revolution for ACE, and is available to purchase food and drinks, even alcohol, when playing tournaments in the ACE Mind Sports Pub Lounge You can also use ACE to purchase a variety of luxury brands, watch videos, and even sponsor a performer or streamer.

In other words, you aren’t just waiting for the price to rise with ACE. ACE can actually be used!

And that’s not all. Through ACE Commit you can also share profits from the entertainment business. Business profits will be shared according to the period and quantity of committed ACE. There are many uses of ACE that are in development now which means that both ACE users and committers will have more opportunities coming their way.

“By holding and committing ACE I can profit from the entertainment business?
This is huge !!!”

Buying ACE from Dcoin Exchange

Dcoin is the world’s first to aim at being an institutional finance-level cryptocurrency exchange, providing a safe and fast trading environment.

​1) Visit Dcoin at
2) Register an account.
3) ACE is listed on Dcoin’s USDT market, so if you have USDT you can trade right away.
4) If you need USDT, you can purchase it in the through, for example, the BTC/USDT market.
5) For new users, you must first transfer your own cryptocurrency to Dcoin, and then trade for USDT first. (Dcoin doesn’t currently have fiat markets)
6) With your USDT prepared, enter the quantity of ACE you want to purchase in the ACE purchase interface and click the ACE purchase button.

ACE is in continual discussion for listing on major crypto exchanges.

We will provide updates once listing on additional exchanges is confirmed!

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