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Announcement – ACE Coin Token Swap

ACE is ready for a big change!

We are pleased to announce that ACE, Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin, is changing platforms.

ACE Entertainment, issuer of ACE Coin and developer and provider of the ACE-based entertainment ecosystem, will undergo a token swap of all EOS-based tokens for ERC-20-based tokens.

The Reason to Swap to ERC-20

Why ERC-20?

As the entertainment industry progresses, the ease with which ACE Coin can be used across various businesses is becoming increasingly important.

The EOS platform is a very fast and developed blockchain platform, however, it comes with excessively high node operation costs and recently has put up frequent obstacles such as delays in transaction approval. Also, for beginners, creating and using a wallet can be challenging.

In contrast, ERC-20 is the most popular blockchain network in the world. Listing a token on a new exchange platform can be completed by simply adding a Token Contract Address.

As ACE Entertainment’s business plan includes expansion into a variety of entertainment sectors through ACE Pub, ACE Gravia, and ACE Store, operating ACE Coin on the ERC-20 platform has great advantages, and this has led to the decision to perform a token swap.

How to swap your tokens

  • The existing EOS-based ACE and the ERC-20-based ACE will be swapped at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Following the token swap, the total supply of ACE Coins will remain unchanged at 2 billion.
  • ACE Holders are NOT required to do anything to swap tokens. If you have ACE in a supported wallet such as ACE wallet / Dcoin ACE Wallet / Cashierest ACE Wallet, then withdrawals after the TOKEN SWAP are automatically issued as ERC-20 based ACE and withdrawn.
  • ACE TOKEN SWAP is also available through exchanges. If you have ACE in the exchanges Dcoin or Cashierest, it will be automatically swapped to ERC-20-based ACE and withdrawn.


ACE WALLET Withdrawals Pause
– From September 29 at 15:00 (KST) until October 7 at 15:00 (KST)

ACE WALLET Withdrawals Resume

– October 7 at 15:00 (KST)

  1. For users who cannot proceed with ACE Swap within the above period due to unavoidable circumstances such as overseas travel or business trips, ACE Wallet allows EOS-based ACE deposits until December 31. Once a deposit is made, it will be automatically exchanged for ERC-20.
  2. The address system of ERC-20-based ACE is the same as other ERC-20-based tokens such as ETH and USDT, so it is possible to make a transaction of ACE to other ERC-20 addresses. However, please be aware that if you send ACE to an address other than an ACE address, the tokens will be permanently lost.
  3. If you have ACE in an EOS-based personal wallet such as Scatter or Fairy Wallet, TOKEN SWAP will not proceed. You must send your ACE to your ACE Wallet (, or to an ACE wallet at Decoin or Cashierest to swap for ERC-20 based ACE Coin.


If you need help with the TOKEN SWAP of ACE Coin, please contact the [Official] ACE Coin community or contact for detailed information.

Official ACE Coin Community: