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ACE is Coming to BitForex

ACE Entertainment is very proud to announce the third listing of ACE Hyper-Connected Entertainment Coin on the global one-stop financial service platform BitForex.

Listing Exchange: Bitforex (

Token Symbol: ACE

Trading Pair: ACE / BTC

Wallet Creation Date: Before 2020.11.13 at 4PM GMT+8 (Friday)

Trading Date: 2020.11.13 at 4PM GMT+8 (Friday)

BitForex Introduction

BitForex launched in February 2017 as a global cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore.


Over 300 trading pairs

Safe and stable trading environment and Asset Security Management Solutions

High-performance matching engine, capable of processing 1,600,000 orders per second

High liquidity

CApp Town Introduction

CApp Town (Crypto Application) is an open platform based on the BitForex Exchange that gives crypto holders access to a wide range of blockchain applications. It acts as a hub for promising cypto applications, making an appealing all-in-one application that makes it easier for end-users to interact with.

In particular, it provides a more convenient service use environment through the SSO function that allows BitForex account linkage and wallet linkage without separate membership registration.

What is ACE Coin?


ACE is a Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin, an ERC-20-based utility token that is used directly for entertainment businesses run by ACE Entertainment LLC and ACE Alliance consisting of affiliated partners or used as a token to share the profits of the business.


ACE holders contribute to decision-making and healthy growth of the ACE ecosystem by participating as a member of the ACE token economy system, and in exchange for this, they share the benefits of ecosystem growth.

Where can I use ACE Coin?

ACE can be used directly in the entertainment industry created by the ACE Alliance

ENTERTAINMENT Service Direct Use

Ÿ Used as in-game goods for various game services such as mobile / PC / VR / casual genre.

Ÿ E-sports stadium entry / team and player support / goods purchase.

Ÿ Used for watching online video streaming and sponsoring streamers.

Ÿ Used to purchase meals, drinks, and alcohol at the ACE Pub.

Ÿ ACE-POS SYSTEM is used to purchase goods in linked offline stores.

Ÿ Used to buy goods from the ACE Online Store.

ENTERTAINMENT Business Profit Sharing

Ÿ Commit ACE to take a share of the business activities of the ACE Alliance.

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