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Through Chain Bridge Wallet, you can now easily and conveniently send and receive ACE with others.

Chain Bridge Digital Wallet Introduction

Chain Bridge Wallet is a blockchain-based digital wallet used by 220,000 people in 166 countries around the world.

Chain Bridge Features

1. After a simple membership registration process, users can easily transfer cryptocurrency.

2. Send and receive cryptocurrency with just a mobile phone number and blockchain wallet address.

3. The FACE OTP function provides a comprehensive security environment, and artificial intelligence thoroughly blocks theft by others.

Synergy between Ace Coin and Chain Bridge Wallet

  • With Chainbridge Wallet, you can easily transfer Ace Coins just by installing the app, even if you do not use complex wallet services such as MyEther Wallet or Scatter.
  • If you’re new to Chain Bridge Wallet, Ace sent to a mobile phone number will come with the wallet installation message via text message. After installation, you will be able to receive and use the received Ace coins.
  • There is no additional fee when transferring coins between Chain Bridge Wallet users, resulting in cost savings.

Use Chain Bridge Wallet easily with ACE-based entertainment services

  • Play games in ACE Pub.
  • Participate in ACE LOTTO events.
  • Purchase Ace Gravure content.


ACE is a Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin, an ERC-20-based utility token that is used directly for entertainment businesses run by ACE Entertainment LLC and ACE Alliance consisting of affiliated partners or used as a token to share the profits of the business.

ACE holders contribute to decision-making and healthy growth of the ACE ecosystem by participating as a member of the ACE token economy system, and in exchange for this, they share the benefits of ecosystem growth.

Where can I use ACE Coin?

ACE can be used directly in the entertainment industry created by the ACE Alliance

ENTERTAINMENT Service Direct Use

Ÿ Used as in-game goods for various game services such as mobile / PC / VR / casual genre.

Ÿ E-sports stadium entry / team and player support / goods purchase.

Ÿ Used for watching online video streaming and sponsoring streamers.

Ÿ Used to purchase meals, drinks, and alcohol at the ACE Pub.

Ÿ ACE-POS SYSTEM is used to purchase goods in linked offline stores.

Ÿ Used to buy goods from the ACE Online Store.

ENTERTAINMENT Business Profit Sharing

Ÿ Commit ACE to take a share of the business activities of the ACE Alliance.

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