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ACE ENTERTAINMENT is proud to be introducing ACE LOTTO, a lottery-type event system using ACE Coin.

ACE LOTTO gives ACE Coin holders a chance to win a variety of popular products such as the latest iPad, AirPod Pro, iPhone mini, and PlayStation 5 at a very low price of about 30% of the market price.

  • In order to participate in the Ace Lotto, you must have the amount of ACEs required for the event.
  • When applying for an event, the amount of ACE will be locked-in and withdrawal will not be possible until the event winner is announced.
  • Event winners give the entry fee and will receive the product after entering the shipping information.
  • Non-winners will have the entry fee returned and may withdraw it without incurring any fee.
  • Restated, if a user does not win, all ACE will be returned.

How to participate in ACE LOTTO

  1. To participate in the Ace Lotto, you must first access the event page:
  2. Select the product you want to apply for among the products listed on Ace Lotto and click the ENTER button.
    – The amount of ACE required for entry is determined for each product.
    – Event participants must have the required amount of ACE in their Ace Wallet.
    – There must be at least one ACE deposit record after the start of the Ace Lotto event.

3. If you click ENTER while holding the required quantity of ACE, the application is automatically completed and you will be given an entry number.

4. Event winners will be announced live on Ace’s official Facebook live broadcast at the listed ‘Winners’ Announcement’ time for each product.

5. When the winner is confirmed through the Ace Lotto winner broadcast, ACE Entertainment will contact the winner individually, check the delivery information, and deliver the product to the winner.

  • For ACE LOTTO winners, the ACE required for entry will belong to ACE Entertainment.
  • Those that do not win ACE LOTTO will have the ACE Coin used for entering the event will be returned to the user with no additional fees incurred. Even if you don’t win the event, the user will not suffer any damage.

ACE LOTTO Product Information

Latest Apple iPad Air 4th Generation 64GB / Wi-Fi

  • Apple’s latest tablet iPad Air 4th generation.
  • Entry: 50,000 ACE

Apple iPod Air 4th Generation 64GB / Wi-Fi

  • Apple AirPods Pro, the most popular wireless earbuds.
  • Entry: 15,000 ACE

Apple iPhone 12 mini 64GB

  • This is the mini version of Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 12.
  • Please refer to the Ace Lotto page after the event starts for the amount of ACE required to apply.

Sony Playstation 5 console

  • Sony’s latest console game console, PlayStation 5.
  • Please refer to the Ace Lotto page after the event starts for the amount of ACE required to apply.

Participate at ACE LOTTO today! We wish you the best of luck to be our next winner!

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