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Dear all ACE holders, the second incineration of the hyperconnected entertainment coin ACE has been completed. 

Ace Entertainment has decided to incinerate ACE Coins three times in a row to strengthen ACE members’ commitment to increasing value of ACE coins and realizing the brand’s vision, and has posted it on its official blog. 

According to the party’s plan, the first incineration was carried out at 15:00 on October 15(KST), 2020, and the second incineration was finally completed today at 4:00 p.m(KST)

– The secondary incineration quantity of ACE Coin is 300 million ACE.

– The second incineration was carried out by sending 300 million ACEs to the Burn Address of the Etherium blockchain at 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

– Total Circulation of ACE now totaled 1.5 billion ACE after the second incineration.

– Secondary incineration has been completed as promised to ACE coin holders and communities.

– Final incineration will be carried out in Q1 2021, and after the final incineration, Total Circulation will update when specific plans for the third incineration are announced.

As above, we inform you that the 2nd incineration of ACE coin has been completed.

ACE Entertainment will always do its best until the day it realizes its brand vision of Hyperconnected Entertainment Coin.

Thank you.

When and how many ACE coins were burned today? and 3rd burn?

Burning will be completed in three sessions. The first session was completed at 3pm on October 15th, and the third session will be completed by the first quarter of 2021.

First burn: 3pm on October 15th(KST) – 10% of total ACE issued, equivalent to 200 million ACE.

Second burn: 3pm on December 24th(KST) , 300 million ACE.

Third burn: To be announce, 1st quarter 2021 – Burn amount will be announced prior to the burn date.


Session1st Burn :

2nd Burn :

3rd Burn (final) :

2020.10.15 @ 15:00 (KST)

2020.12.24 @ 15:00 (KST)

2021 1st Quarter
Burn Amount200 million ACE

300 million ACE

Remaining Amount1.8 billion ACE

1.5 billion ACE

1.5 billion ACE LESS 3rd burn amount

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Is it possible to determine the final distribution volume in advance after the third incineration?

ACE Coin is a new project and in more than a year after the full service launch, it has only been listed on three exchanges, Bitforex, Dcoin and Casherest.

This means that there will be additional quantities required for service expansion, such as Airdrop promotion for additional exchange listing and service introductions in the future. In particular, for large global exchanges, listing will often require substantial fees and/or promotional coins to be given.

For the above reasons, the final distribution volume has not been decided at this point, but will be confirmed after the first quarter of 2021 when the market environment becomes more clear.

How is burning progressing? Is it believable?

ACE is now an ERC-20 based token.

1. The incineration of ERC-20-based tokens will be carried out by sending them to an Eater Address. This will be trackable and verifiable by anybody by using the TXID.

2. ACE Entertainment plans to announce the transfer of the coins to the Eater Address with the TXID after each token burn round.

How to participate in ACE LOTTO

  1. To participate in the Ace Lotto, you must first access the event page:
  2. Select the product you want to apply for among the products listed on Ace Lotto and click the ENTER button.
    – The amount of ACE required for entry is determined for each product.
    – Event participants must have the required amount of ACE in their Ace Wallet.
    – There must be at least one ACE deposit record after the start of the Ace Lotto event.
               Participate at ACE LOTTO today! We wish you the best of luck to be our next winner!


ACE holders contribute to decision-making and healthy growth of the ACE ecosystem by participating as a member of the ACE token economy system, and in exchange for this, they share the benefits of ecosystem growth.

Where can I use ACE Coin?

ACE can be used directly in the entertainment industry created by the ACE Alliance

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