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Announcement – ACE Coin Token Swap



Hello, it’s been a long time! Greetings from ACE ENTERTAINMENT.

In order to strengthen business capabilities through choice and concentration, Ace Foundation will select game-related businesses from various entertainment business areas and provide in-depth blockchain games.



We expect to start a successful blockchain game service by maximizing the strengths of development/service organizations composed of large game companies such as Nexon. To drive this business, we’ll be introducing the NFT gaming platform ACE GAME ( to METAPIA which has the hybrid meta-bus game that will be the most powerful vision of the puzzle and casual shooting game and ACE project.



  • ACE is reborn as a utility token and a governance token for ACEGAME.IO, the NFT GAME PLATFORM.

    In ACEGAME.IO, the game player wins a challenge-achieving trophy based on their gameplay performance, and the trophy is paid to the game player in NFT format. In particular, NFTs acquired by ACEGAME.IO are not only able to trade in MARKET PLACE, but also to earn a certain portion of the token economic system benefits generated by ACEGAME.IO, depending on the effect held by their dramatic NFTs.

  • ACE GAME platform uses ACE coins as utility tokens.
  • ACE Coin holders can become members of ACE Token Economy System through Commit at ACE Wallet (, a blockchain wallet service developed by ACE Foundation, and share some of the benefits of ACE GAME Platform, the NFT GAME PLATFORM operated by ACE Foundation.
  • ACE GAME’s players will receive a non-fungible Tokens (NFT) trophy based on their gameplay performance and will be able to share a portion of the game’s profits and sell the NFT using Marketplace.

ACE GAME.IO Service Overview and Objectives

ACE GAME ( is an NFT-Metabus concept blockchain gaming platform.

  •  ACE coins must be used to play games serviced by ACE GAME, and game players can gain additional ACE coins based on the results of the gameplay, or game trophies based on challenges.
  • ACE Foundation’s goal through ACE GAME service is to increase the availability of ACE tokens by allowing more game players to flow into ACE token economic systems through quality gaming services so that players who obtain NFTs from ACE GAME can not only collect NFTs but also earn substantial profits.
  • As the number of ACE GAME users increases, ACE revenue increases for each game, which allows NFTs made of ACE GAME to be traded at NFT GAME MARKET PLACE at a higher value. As the value of ACE GAME NFT increases in the NFT GAME MARKET PLACE, new players are introduced into ACE GAME to obtain NFT, which increases the availability of ACE coins as utility tokens and creates a virtuous circle in which NFT values rise.

ACEGAME.IO Casual Game Line Up



  • Bubble Fortune is a very easy rule puzzle game that pops three drops of the same color together.



  • Space Evader is a turn-on puzzle game that depicts an alien crash landing on an unknown planet returning to a spaceship.



  • FISHING GOD is a shooting game that hunts various monster fish in mysterious unknown waters.


METAPIA is a blockchain-based open-world hybrid meta-bus game developed by ACE Foundation.

– Game players can play a decoration-building simulation game in a matrix space consisting of ISOMETRIC VIEW, where they can decorate their own space, grow their creatives, and collect and complete various collections.

– In order to play METAPIA, the matrix space must be retained first. The matrix space can be purchased first using ACE from ACE Foundation and is permanently owned in the form of NFT.

-Players with matrix can decorate their spaces as they please, enjoy their gameplay, and rent their space to other people to earn rental income.

-When you collect your collection faithfully embellish the matrix space, you will be rewarded with ACE in the form of a reward. If you rent someone else’s matrix and play it, you can still receive collection rewards, but some of them must be paid to the owner of the matrix in the form of rent.

– All matrices in METAPIA can be proven to be proprietary in the form of NFT and ownership of matrices can also be traded through NFT GAME MARKET PLACE.

※ Please refer to the white paper for the detailed game concept of METAPIA!

The Role of ACE on the NFT-Metabus Gaming Platform

ACE is an ERC-20-based utility token used as AGE GAME’s key currency, also used as a key currency for platform utilization and NFT transactions, and as a governance token for the ACE platform.

ACE owners can use ACE WALLET’s COMMIT capabilities to COMMIT ACE and participate in key policy decisions on the platform as a member of governance, and receive a portion of the benefits of the ecosystem.

ACE Reveals New Roadmap

During the past year and a half that have been running nonstop since ACE’s first exchange listing in August 2018, many things have happened, including partnerships with various blockchain services, development of new users, token swaps, and ACE coin incineration. Occasionally, through trial and error, ACE Foundation has become more confident in successful NFT game platform development and METAPIA development with stronger teamwork and deeper internal skills.

ACEGAME.IO’s ultimate goal is to provide quality gaming services through ACEGAME.IO so that more game players can flow into ACE token economy systems, thereby enabling players who obtain NFTs from ACEGAME.IO to make real profits as part of the current simple collection and trading NFTs.

In the future, we will continue to update ACE supporters on all advances in the development of new game lineups and homegrown games METAPIA and NFT GAME MARKET PLACE to have their own ecosystem as a platform.

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